Gencay Burnaz was born in 1978 in Istanbul’s Kadıköy neighborhood. He is the son of a coiffeur father of European origin and an Eastern Anatolian housewife mother. For this reason, it is thought that the origin of the east and west synthesis that is found in his music is based on the variety of his cultural and genetic background. He studied forestry engineering because of his interest in natural sciences and his love for plants and animals. His interest in music started with his chance encounter with a very small battery powered organ when he was just 10 years old. He developed an interest in various musical instruments after he recognized that he could play popular songs of the time by just listening to them (without written musical notes). He focused on the guitar. He started to perform popular songs that were played on the radio and television with his guitar which was a gift from his parents. After a while, he realized that he was not just playing songs which he listened to, he was also playing melodies that he produced. In this way, he started to compose. Later on he learned to use the computer. Now he was creating his compositions in computer and recording them easily. Since he first started to compose, he has created more than 300 compositions in 25 years.


This musician, who has always dreamed of bringing together his songs and share them with other people in the world, is also a mid-level administrator in the most prestigious logistics companies of Turkey. In addition, he also writes the music page of his company’s magazine, Pencere.


He is married with two children (one of them is two old, and the other one is six) in a great eigth- years-old marriage.